“When I was 16 years old I couldn’t wait to be grown. At 18, choosing a college and major was the hardest thing I had to do. Then 21 came. I realized adulting wasn’t what it was cracked up to be and I was over it! Now, here I am two months into my “Kobe Year,” Los Angeles living, and pursuing my dreams. Life, so far, has definitely not been what I expected, but I’m certain this is the way God would have it, so I’m rolling with it! Here’s what I’ve learned in my short life. Hopefully this helps at least one person – that would really make my heart smile!

Ambre 24

1. Encourage others as you encourage yourself
Life is hard, but when you’re helping someone else it somehow gets easier. Don’t ask me why I don’t make the rules!

2. Protect your space All energy isn’t good energy.
If you have to ask what they are bringing to the table, it’s probably nothing.

3. Losing friends is natural.
We don’t stay the same and neither do our friends (or worse, they do stay the same). It’s hard to maintain relationships when too many bridges have collapsed throughout the course of it, or it gets to a point where it’s hard to even make simple conversation. Let it go!

4. Me before we
I’m down for the WE, but do I have ME together? If you can’t say yes without a doubt, handle the ME before becoming a WE for your own sake.

5. Get to know yourself the best
You should be the person you know best. Get to know yourself before worrying about everyone else. You are important, act like it.

6. Read a good book every once in awhile
You’re reading tweets and Facebook statuses, but are you enriching your mind?

7. It’s okay to ask for help
I don’t know it all and neither do you, ask for help before you embarrass yourself… or worse [discredit yourself]

8. Vulnerability is not the worst thing ever
Vulnerability makes relationships stronger. Don’t be afraid to open up to the RIGHT person.

9. Say what you mean Humans are not mind readers!
Help me help you, say what you mean so we can spend less time figuring out what’s going on.

10. Communication makes every relationship better
The only thing worse than someone who never says what they mean is person that says nothing. I cannot help you if we don’t communicate. Please let me know what’s up!

11. Keep some business for yourself
The only person equipped to handle everything you have ever done is God and maybe you. Keep a secret… or five. No one is counting right?

12. A good cry never hurt anyone
When life gets you down there is nothing better than a good shower and cry.

13. Save some money
Seriously Nobody wants to front the bill for you all the time or hear how your ends NEVER seem to meet. Use better financial planning and save some funds!

14. Love people anyway
Nobody is perfect. People will let you down. Love them anyway you will live a lot longer

15. There is nothing like a great friend
Man I love a friend who will talk about God with me and be down to fight my trifling boyfriend (don’t judge me I haven’t had one of those in forever!)

16. Try new things
You might find out something new about yourself! Try the new restaurant you’ve been scoping for weeks.

17. Travel abroad at least once
Traveling abroad makes you leave your comfort zone and appreciate things you never thought you would miss. It also allows you to see the world through a different lens. I encourage you to use that dusty passport!

18. Surround yourself with people who challenge you
How can you grow if everyone around you is on the same thing? If you are the only person pull up your crew find another that pull you up as well.

19. Don’t wait on people to do things with you.
Go alone! If you really want to do it go alone! Sometimes you have to force yourself to be independent and enjoy life on your own terms.

20. Give your loved ones flowers while they’re here
No one lives forever. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you while they can still hear you.

21. Talk to your elders often, they have a lot wisdom
My grandpa was a weirdo to me until about two years ago. Then, I realized he just knew more about life than I did. Absorb the knowledge they have to offer and make better decisions.

22. Any conflict is a chance to learn
You can learn about yourself or you can learn about the person you are in conflict with. Conflict always offers a lesson if you are paying attention.

23. Take a break from the internet
It’s hard to focus on what you should be doing when you are worried about everybody else. Plus there is so much nonsense to consume. Log off and handle your business from time to time!

24. Never stop learning
If you think you know it all you don’t know enough. There is something you could learn more about. Feed the mind like you feed the body!

25. Forgiveness is liberating
People suck. I would know. But letting go of that hurt makes life a lot easier. Pack light, word to Erykah Badu.

26. What’s good to ya ain’t always good for ya
Yeah he’s cute and well dressed, but is he worried about your heart? Of course she has a fatty and good hair, but do you hear from her when you’re not spending your money? Reevaluate please.

27. Stay in your lane
Everything ain’t for everybody. Our paths will be different. God designed it that way. Stop comparing yourself to other people and run your race in your lane.

28. Make life easier for other people
You never know what people are going through. Please don’t make life more difficult than it already is. Just be a good person, its really not as hard as you think.

29.You don’t have to figure it all out today
Life hits you like a ton of bricks sometimes (I would that’s how it usual hits me.) Take a nap, regroup and figure it later if you are that overwhelmed. Rome was not built in day and life will not be either.

30.God loves you anyway.
He created you and he thinks you are awesome! You are amazing and despite whatever is going on in your life he loves you cheer up!



  1. Am, I am so proud if you. I enjoyed reading these tips for life, and it just goes to show, we can always learn something from anybody. As a senior citizen, some of these points really hit home for me. Keep writing, because your words or lifting spirits, and inspiring confidence. I love you Aunt Cheryl, Tulsa, OK.

  2. Well said!!! I agree 100%, very proud of you. This blog is very inspirational and inspiring to me and others as well. Continue doing blogs, this will touch and reach a lot of people, who needs to hear this.

  3. Love and inspiration are ageless, wisdom is timeless. Props to you for sharing such profound lessons… you are running ahead of the curve in your purpose!
    ❤ this Ambre!

  4. Love and inspiration are ageless, wisdom is timeless. Props to you for sharing such profound lessons… you are running ahead of the curve in your purpose!
    ❤ this Ambre!

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