In honor of Throwback Thursday I decided to post the first poem I have ever performed in front of a group. I wrote “Perfection” in 2010 for my 11th grade English Literature class and with encouragement from my teacher,  Mrs.Bennett, I entered the Poetic Power contest. Unfortunately I did not win the contest, but I did become a published poet in the book Creative Communication ! Now that being a published writer is checked off my bucket list maybe I can check off performing in front of a crowd without having an anxiety attack next. I’ll get there, but in the meantime enjoy!


If I had more time I would be perfect
Every second of my life would be worth it
If I could make you smile at the sight of me
I would make sure to be the face you see
If I could change all the wrongs I’ve done to right
I would do it to make sure we never had a fight
I wish you could love me unconditionally
Everything that I was, I am, and plan to be
I hope you realize all the things I would do for you
And know that I always have been and will be true
If I had more time to be perfect those are the things I’d do
Not only for me, but to be everything for you
But perfection doesn’t exist
And to change these things is only a wish
But if I had more time I would be perfect
And every second of my life would be worth it.


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