To be a woman is a phenomenal thing. Women birth life, nurture and cultivate it as well. As a woman it commonly comes natural to make sacrifices, love thick, and heal. While giving so much at the same time navigating a world that tries to control and take everything from us.


It is an understatement to say I have a soft spot for women, but there is nothing I find more intriguing than the black woman. Of course I’m bias I am black woman. For a group that is consistently attacked, belittled, mocked black women have found a way to remain resilient. This strength runs through our veins passed down for many generations of women who paved the way for us.

KissAmbre Woman 2

I had to find a way to pay homage to the women that keep me going, inspire and encourage me when I have nothing left. I know that black women are not all the same, but there is an understanding that we have for each other since we look at the world through a similar lens. These are the women I am catering to and want to show their stories. I thought it would be awesome to show a series of black women over a hundred-year span fashionably. Over the hundred year span a different settings and types of black women exhibiting various strengths and beauty. Each set in the series is styled by me and photographed by Missy Burton.

KissAmbre Woman 3

In addition to paying homage to my beautiful black queens, I wanted to challenge myself artistically. The first set is my take on early 1900s. I was inspired by Underground and the Reconstruction period. Although the looks are pretty straightforward finding the pieces in the right sizes without renting them was a bit trying. I know I could have rented pieces to create a true 1890s/1900s look, but as a stylist I was not going anywhere close to that route. I had the hardest time finding three floor length skirts and large brimmed the hats I needed. Thrifting at Goodwills in Los Angeles and Dallas this what I came up with! To substitute the larger brim hat I made a flower crown, which fit perfect to me thematically. It allowed three different roles in the set: a youthful flower, a matriarchy with a scarf and a sassy young adult with a cape.

      Maya 1 Cortni 1 Destini 1

I learned so much for this shoot and I am confident they will keep getting better! We are going to do our best to stay in chronological order with the Woman series, but I can’t make any promise. If you enjoyed this look please stay tuned!

Photographer: @Missybphotography

Models:  Blisse @blissefulthinking,  Cortini @model_cortni Destini @desshmp

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