Relocation can be tricky for several, especially when it’s far from home. Eight months ago I moved from the Dallas area (McKinney to be exact) to Los Angeles and I’m still getting use to it. I gave myself entire year to plan everything out. As much as I prepared there is nothing like actually living in a new place. There are some things I wish I would have known; since I get a few questions each month about my experience here are my top five things to consider before relocation.



Loose lips sink ships more often than not. Unfortunately everyone will not be showering you with words of encouragement and positive energy as you plan to move. If you are serious about uprooting yourself be cautious of what you share with whom. If you are actively communicating with about your plans it needs to be some that actually help with the process.


If you are into living life on the edge don’t save, more power to you. I recommend saving 12 months rent in the event that you are relocating without a job. You never know what financial crisis with pop up and big cities with eat your pockets alive. Finding a job before moving is ideal, but just in case it’s not possible SAVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Worst case scenario six months rent is decent.

Ambre Venice Beach
Ambre Venice Beach


Man, there are a ton of places I love during vacation. Going out to the trendy restaurants, site seeing and partying endlessly makes any place seem better than home. Please do not get caught up in vacation when deciding where you will be living. Make sure the culture matches your lifestyle and the cost of living allows you to do the things you enjoy.

LOCATION and will have you lost in the sauce. Do not trust the pictures! Go see for yourself first or have someone go look for you. My roommates and I were so lucky to have eyes in Los Angeles to inform us about the neighborhoods we were looking at and the quality of the places.


The transition was not easy for me. It took the longest four months for me to find a job and I was literally on an emotional rollercoaster. My support system, centering my mind and building my relationship with God were essential. Of course the circumstances are not the same for everyone, but be prepared to struggle. Being headstrong is a must especially if you are away from home.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

If you are planning to move I hope this helps! If you have questions feel free to send them my way. I can only speak from experience, but I would be happy share mine in more detail if you ask.




  1. Love this post! I was an emotional roller coaster when I moved from Arkansas back home to Texas. Although my family was here it is still so scary to completely uproot from everything I became use to after 5 years! It’s fun and adventurous to move but at the same time definitely have to realize that you have to change literally everything in your life. Such an awesome post Ambre!

    Xo, Milan

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